The History of New Holly Light



·         In 1883, the former New Light Baptist Church was organized under the leadership of the late Rev. Albert Lewis.

·         In 1887, the former Holly Springs Baptist Church was organized from New Light Baptist Church under the leadership of the Rev. Frank Morris.

·         On December 2, 1961, the above two churches agreed on consolidation naming the new church New Holly Light Baptist Church.

·         On January 24, 1962, the land for the site of the church was purchased.  The women of the two former churches raised money to purchase the land in less than two months.

·         On May 14, 1962, a consolidation program was held at the former New Light Church conducted by the Moderator of the Rocky River Association, Rev. J. S. Maddox. The theme of the reorganization of the two churches was: "ARTICLE OF FAITH", by Rev. J. H. Russell. The consolidation sermon was by Rev. J. C. McDowell.

·         On October 28, 1962, the program of merging together was held at Holly Springs Church.  After service, the groundbreaking was held at the new site. The first shovel of dirt was taken up by the late Mrs. Mamie Ware, Mrs. Katie Belcher, and the late Mrs. Janie Walker.

·         On April 28, 1963, New Holly Light Baptist Church opened its doors to the members and public to view God’s Holy Sanctuary.

·         On May 5, 1963, New Holly Light Baptist Church had its dedication service. Program participants were:


o   Guest Speaker – Prof. A. A. Martin

o   Remarks – Rev. O. S. Scott (Former Pastor of New Light Church)

o   Dedication of Church Property – Bibles, Hymnals, etc.

o   Dedication Prayer – Rev. Harold Mims

o   Sermon – Rev. J. S. Maddox, Moderator of the Rocky River Association


·         On May 12, 1972, a program was held for the burning of the mortgage, led by Deacon James G. Williams.  Susan Miller and Janice Brown tore up the mortgage and each one of the members selected a piece of it to burn. Our visitors joined in the burning.


o   Building Fund Committee included: James G. Williams, Chairman

o   Laura Keesley, Secretary

o   William Hagood, Treasurer


·         The merging of these two churches has gone on record in the history of the Rocky River Association as the greatest achievement of two churches.

·         On October 26, 1987, a legal document was signed by Johnny Willams, Church Clerk, James Rice, Church Treasurer, and Pastor Curtis Hill giving Walter Odell Jackson Jr., Chairman of the Trustee Board and Jimmy Walker, Vice Chairman of the Trustee Board authorization to negotiate a loan from the Perpetual Building and Loan Association of Anderson for renovations to the sanctuary.

·         During the Spring of 1988, renovations to the church were completed. The sanctuary was extended, the front entrance was added to include a lobby area, an indoor men's restroom, a more suitable ladies restroom, and additional office space.

·         In 1990, New Holly Light Missionary Baptist sponsored its first community Health Fair.

·         A short time prior to July 1996, New Holly Light Baptist unofficially changed its name to New Holly Light Missionary Baptist. On July 3, 1996, the church was officially recognized by SC Secretary of State, Jim Miles, as New Holly Light Missionary Baptist Church and received our Certificate of Incorporation as a Nonprofit Corporation on July 10, 1996.

·         In 1998, New Holly Light Missionary Baptist became a member of the Anderson Chamber of Commerce. The association with the Chamber was one of many steps taken to expand the vision of a holistic community oriented church. New Holly Light Missionary Baptist is one of only a few community churches holding membership at the Anderson Chamber of Commerce.

·         On October 3, 1999, a Farewell Service was held in the old sanctuary. As the choirs sang, "We've Come This Far By faith", the service moved from the old sanctuary to the newly erected

·         In 2000, New Holly Light Missionary Baptist Church in collaboration with Partners for Healthy Community was awarded the Healthy Spirits Grant to provided heart/stroke screenings for all members.

·         On May 5, 2002, we celebrated the 39th Church Anniversary and had the dedication of the connector.

·         In 2003, New Holly Light Missionary Baptist Church in collaboration with Anderson  School istricts 3 and 4, was awarded the Project HERO  Grant  $850,000.00  (over 4 years)  to be used for a community education program for grades K-12th. During the weekend of November 18-20, 2005, the New Holly Light Missionary Baptist Church family celebrated Reverend Curtis & Mrs. Louise Hill's 25th pastoral anniversary.

·         In November 2005, the Upstate Minority Alliance awarded Reverend Curtis Hill the Leadership Award and Paulette Grate the Cutting Edge Innovation Award.  Pastor Hill was given a vision by God for New Holly Light to become debt free.  The Finance Committee worked diligently towards Pastor Hill’s vision by making extra payments whenever financially able.  The church members began to give extra through a sacrificial offering each Sunday.

·         In May 6, 2007, during the 44th Church Anniversary Celebration enough money was given during the service to make our May mortgage payment our last.

·         October 7, 2007, a mortgage burning and debt retirement program was held with Rev. J. Goldsmith as the messenger.  Pastor Hill along with the Building Committee members and Finance Ministries were the first to burn pieces of the mortgage.  Building Committee members were Bro. Henry Leverette, Chair, Sis. Paulette Grate, Sec., Deacon Albert Simmons, Deacon Harry Hagood, Sis. Pauline Lee, Sis. Johnanna Rice and Sis. Dora Scott, Sis. Vanessa Weston, Bro. Walter O. Jackson, Jr. Treasurer, and Bro. D. Nathaniel Grate, Financial Secretary.

·         January 2008, Pastor Hill, cast the vision for the family life center.