Health Ministry

Servant Leader: 
Paulette Grate
Phone Number: 

Servant Leaders

Paulette Grate - BSN, RN, ________________________________ Co-Chair / 287-4466 
Clemson University Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life
Clemson University School of Nursing, Health Care Consultant: Rocky River Baptist Association Residential Care Facility 

 Linda Starkes, BSN, RN, Greenville Hospital System
Greenville Technical College _______________________________ Co-Chair / 233-5363

Shenicka McCray, BSN, RN _______________________________ Appalachia Health District

Crystal Grate, MSN, RN. C. _______________________________ Fresenius Dialysis Medical Centers 5

Emily Webb, LPN

Sandra Walker, LPN 

Lonita Brownlee, RN 

Nikki Dukes, RN 

Sarah Bowen, Retired Nurse 

We thank God for the addition of our Newest Medical Professional, Dr. Yeboah

Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce
United Way of Anderson

The Prostate Health Education Network

Health Guide for African Americans (PDF)